pink ubuntu

The spirit of Ubuntu is at the heart of everything we do. To ensure we continuously work on our commitment to social responsibility and sustainability we established Pink Ubuntu, a CSR label focused on helping the textile and garment industries in Africa to attain ten of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.​

developing people

Production Infrastructure

Asantii contributes to powering industrialisation in Africa by manufacturing 95% of its collection in Rwanda using international standard, export led factories. With a 4,000 strong workforce, not only are we providing employment for youths, but with 80% of the workforce being female, we are empowering women by giving them financial independence.

A Unified Future

Asantii is a collective that works with 14 designers across 12 countries in Africa. The workers in our factories have been trained by experts from Bangladesh and Kenya, and the design team are
supported by a team of luxury fashion experts in the UK.

By supporting our team of designers and upskilling our factory workers, we’re enabling a vital transfer of the skills and tips garnered from world famous
brands and manufacturing countries, which in turn greatly benefit the fashion and textile industries in Africa.

empowering people

Asantii has a ‘no empty words’ approach when it comes to our workers and their families.

At our state-of-the-art factories in Rwanda, we pay fair wages above average. ​ We also provide an infirmary, clean water stations, balanced meals for workers and their children, and a low-cost grocery store that provides common and first necessity items at wholesale prices.

In addition, we provide free sanitary products for our predominantly female workforce. This is Pink Ubuntu purpose, with many more initiatives to come. We work not only by promising a better future, but by doing better now.


On 6th June 2021, the International Day of the Child, Keza Nyiramjyambere Nursey was launched. A free nursery for the children of our factory workers
located within our factory district.