boyfriend shirt - abode santann embroidery
boyfriend shirt - abode santann embroidery
boyfriend shirt - abode santann embroidery
boyfriend shirt - abode santann embroidery


boyfriend shirt - abode santann embroidery

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  • Boyfriend shirt with a relaxed fit
  • Mother of pearl buttons
  • Hand embroidered (on the left chest) by a Rwandan Embroidery Cooperative. The Abode Santann eye : an Adinkra symbol from Ghana representing the 'all seeing eye', the idea that God is ever present and sees everything.
              • The name Urembo {U-rem-boh} means 'you are beautiful' in Swahili, a Rwandese language
              • The model is 178cm / 5'10 and wears a size 1
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              - 100% ORGANIC BCI COTTON
              - Cotton poplin
              - Fabric sourced in Madagascar
              - Made in Rwanda

              This garment has been produced using the following environmental considerations:

              organic   eco-friendly dyes   water responsible

              As a slow fashion brand we are committed to building a product that is not only socially responsible but is also committed to sustainability.

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              the art of Adinkra

              Adinkra are symbols that express the culture and beliefs of the Asante people of Ghana. Dating back over 200 years, each symbol represents a meaningful proverb or personal quality. These elegant hieroglyphs have long been used to adorn fabric and decorative objects. A key print in this collection draws on Abode Santann, which depicts the all-seeing eye of the divine and omnipresent creator. We are also inspired by the Akua Ba figurine, a woman-like form that embodies feminine energy and fertility, to create a new take on Adinkra.